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According to the Bioethics and Safety Act implemented in March 2013, institutions conducting research on human or human derived materials are mandated to organize a Bioethics Committee. Ellead has organized and operated an Ethics Committee composed of academics and religious personnel since 2005 long before the execution of this law.

Ellead Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews all aspects of the research - the appropriateness of the study protocol as well as the risks and benefits to study volunteers so that the volunteers are exposed to minimal risks to in relation to any benefits that might result from the research.

Ellead IRB is led by a Chairman and consists of twelve members who are trained experts in each field. They monitor human rights, legal and ethical aspects of all clinical trials.

Ellead IRB is registered with both Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1-219959-A-N-01) and US Food and Drug Administration (IORG0007174) and has been recognized for its excellence.

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