IRB (Institutional Review Board)

According to the Bioethics and Safety Act of March 2013, any institution conducting research on humans or human-derived substances must establish a review board. Ellead has organized and operated a review board consisting of academic and religious figures since 2005, well before the enforcement of the law.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Ellead deliberates on the medical, scientific, and ethical aspects of research, protects the rights, safety, and welfare of study subjects, and reviews whether there are appropriate reasons for the participation of subjects from vulnerable environments in in vivo testing.

The IRB of Ellead is composed of a total of 12 members, including the chairperson, doctors and religious figures, all of whom are experts their fields and have completed the IRB membership training. They monitor the human rights of subjects, the legality of each study, ethical performances, etc., according to the characteristics of in vivo testing.

In recognition of its excellence, the IRB of Ellead, was approved as an IRB institution by the U.S. FDA in 2011 (IORG0007174). Furthermore, in July 2013, it was registered with the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (currently Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency) (No. 1-219969-AN-01), the first time for a cosmetic in vivo testing institute, and operations are strictly managed.